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Carbon Point

Our values

Our values drive us forward as an organisation and bind us together as a business.


  • Promoting a culture and determination to bring new ideas to reality.
  • Creating the environment and behaviour that encourages innovative thinking.
  • Investing in innovative technologies that deliver benefits to our customers and our business growth.


  • We have a passionate desire, individually and collectively, to be the best in our business.
  • To deliver decarbonisation and sustainability goals.
  • Celebrate individual and team success.
  • For the quality of service we deliver, who we are and what we do.


  • Treating all others with honesty and integrity.
  • Being prepared to listen with an open mind and having the courage to change our position.
  • Accepting that the views, ideas and values of our clients, colleagues and other stakeholders are as important as our own.

Our vision

We’re pioneering the transition to cost-effective, zero-emission transport. We provide innovative electric vehicle solutions and help you to implement them at scale. Our vision is to operate a pipeline of electric vehicle charge points across all major towns and cities in the United Kingdom.

Carbon Point has been providing renewable energy solutions to businesses and public bodies across Europe since 2008. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering renewable energy projects with demonstrable financial, construction and legal capacity to support many project types. Our track record covers many key business sectors that includes, but not limited to, oil and gas, automotive, utilities, engineering, logistics and the construction sectors. Having successfully delivered many projects powered by low carbon generation such as wind, solar and energy from waste, filling up our cars with electricity rather than petrol or diesel has become our next ambition.

Our team

Carbon Point

Divyesh Jansari
Co-founder / Director

Carbon Point

St.John Hoskyns
Co-founder / Director

Carbon Point

Prith Rajendran
Non-Executive Director

Carbon Point

Imogen Hoskyns-Staples
Media and Communication