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Charging into the future

We bring scalable electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions to public, home and business locations. We supply, install, manage and operate EV charge point infrastructure to maximise EV adoption and benefits.

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Let’s find the right EV charging solution for you

Where do you want to install your EV charge points?

No business is the same. That’s why we’ve developed charging solutions to suit every company’s needs. Our Carbon Point charge points are compatible with all electric vehicles making them suitable for all users: public, private and business.

Enjoy compelling business benefits:

1. EV adoption is on the rise. Installing EV charge points now is a smart move to gain competitiveness ahead of the EV market.

2. Attract customers to your retail stores or business by offering convenient locations to charge their cars.

3. Retail stores can attract EV customers to your smart chargers with special real-time offers, promotions and incentives while their cars charge.


Invest in a cost-effective, zero-emission branded fleet. If you are looking to transform your vehicle fleet to electric, or offer workplace charging to your staff, employees and visitors, Carbon Point can provide a charging solution for your business. We can design, install, operate and manage a complete end-to-end service.

Carbon Point


Ready to breathe new life into your business and attract new customers? Supply chain logistics and delivery vehicle operators are moving to EV transport. We can build EV charging infrastructure from electrical design to hardware selection, installation, servicing and maintenance.

Carbon Point


Transport is a basic human need. It enables us to work, to have autonomy and to stay connected. Home charging is a vital element of the EV driving experience and with Carbon Point’s charging services the benefits can be taken even further. Our domestic charging solutions are user-friendly, smart and installed by an OLEV registered installer, qualified to UK 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671).

Carbon Point


We provide destination charging in urban areas at key public locations to cater for EV customers requiring a ‘top-up’ during the day or have limited access to home or workplace charging. Our fast/rapid chargers are rated from 22kW to 350kW. After a quick stop, coffee and charge, EV drivers can continue their journey. Fast chargers are ideal for EVs that need to be charged quickly, for instance pool vehicles, e-taxis, fleet cars and delivery vehicles. Fast chargers are suitable for EVs with fast charging capability.

Carbon Point

Electric vehicle charge point power

We have a range of EV charge point technologies in our supply chain. We only supply state-of-the-art technology from leading technology providers, each charge point is bespoke in its application and management with back office support. They fall into the following power range:


Our fast charging units have an AC power range of 7-22kW. Take advantage of our fast charge point to fully replenish your car from zero battery to full in up to 6 hours.


Take full control over your charging sessions with our smart app. We’ll schedule your charging sessions so you can benefit from off-peak charging and reduced energy costs.


Our rapid charging units have a DC power range of 43-50kW, meaning you can take advantage of 80% charge in as little as an hour.

Ultra fast

With a DC power range of 100-350kW. Our highest performing charge point will have you fully charged in under 30 minutes.

Beyond the charge point

All of our EV charge points are supported by a 24/7 helpdesk with onsite service and maintenance. Our open protocol services include:

Remote command, control and software updates
Data analytics on frequency and pattern of charger usage
RFID compliant customer billing and invoicing
Energy balancing and smart grid platform
Customer-facing Smart EV App

Smart mini grid solution

Go one step further by pairing EV charging, solar PV and battery storage

By combining solar PV and battery storage into a smart mini grid you can save even more on transport costs whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar photovoltaics (PV) provides a visible sign of the utilisation of clean energy and together with EV charging infrastructure sends a powerful sustainability message. We can install solar canopies and/or roof-mounted solar. EV customers gain access to charge points and, when not in use, the solar energy is stored in a battery energy storage system (BESS).

Government tax breaks, grants and financial incentives

Are you eligible for the OZEV charging grant?

Our chargers qualify for the Workplace Charging Scheme. As our units have been accredited by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), you may be eligible for the Workplace Charging Scheme. This can reduce the cost of workplace chargers by up to 75%. You could claim up to £350 per socket for up to 40 sockets.

Find out more

Disclaimer: Government financial support can change and is only available to qualifying businesses.

EV Solutions scope of service

We’ve teamed up with top suppliers to provide you with some of the most reliable charging infrastructure in the UK. This partnership means we can deliver a complete end-to-end service, from renewable generation, grid connection works to e-mobility charging infrastructure.

We can offer:

Carbon Point

Financing Solutions

Whether you’re seeking electrical solutions for your public or private enterprise, we have financial solutions to suit. It may be that you’re interested in straight procurement, minimising upfront investment or long term strategic solutions for your business. Whatever your preference we’re here to help.

Project Management

Our project management service has been developed to save you time and money throughout your electric charging installation journey. We will supply, install, manage and operate EV charge point infrastructure to minimise your worry and maximise your EV rewards.

Energy Management

Energy management sounds daunting, but our experts will advise you on how to manage your energy smartly, so you can optimise your energy consumption. We’ll help you to balance energy demand throughout the day, so that you can minimise costs.

Charging Hardware

We source the most robust, reliable and easy to use hardware because we are passionate about finding the best technology driven solutions. We strive to exceed your expectations in service delivery and innovation.

EV charger checklist

Carbon Point EV Solutions (EVS) can help you work through the following initial questions:

1. Number of chargers: How many chargers will you need?
2. Location: Where would you put the chargers?
3. Dwell time: To determine the charging period and speed
4. Grid capacity: Are there any constraints and cost implications?
5. Billing and metering: Do you want to charge your employees, visitors etc?
6. Control: How will you manage and control the chargers to optimise charging and flexibility?

The steps to go electric

1. Get your site surveyed
2. Receive a quotation
3. Carbon Point EVS installation
4. Set-up and commissioning

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