Complete electrical
engineering solutions

High and low voltage engineering solutions

Since 2010, Carbon Point has been helping clients in the renewable industry with full end to end turnkey electrical solutions. From design to connection, testing, commissioning and maintenance, we provide our clients with innovation, expertise and a passion for high quality electrical solutions.

Carbon Point

ICP scope of service

Do you need an electricity network built to a specific standard and quality?

We have high and low voltage engineering experience to cover the following electrical infrastructure works:

Wayleaves, easements and land leases
Protection & control design and build, earthing design etc
Tertiary connections
Containerised substation design and build

We’ve partnered with leading industry suppliers of electrical infrastructure to provide you with the most robust and reliable electrical network equipment. This partnership means we can deliver a complete end-to-end service, to cover all your ICP Contestable Works, Private Connections and Balance of Plant electrical requirements.

We can offer:

Operation & Services

Whether you’re planning to generate revenue from your charge points or they’re utilised exclusively by employees, ongoing maintenance and servicing is key to boosting and maintaining user confidence. Carbon Point offers a comprehensive maintenance plan for an annual fee.

Grid Integration

Depending on existing grid capacity at your site, we may require consent from your local DNO before installing your charge point. Through Carbon Point Connections, we’ll take care of all the necessary consent and approvals for you, prior to installation.

Carbon Point

Electrical Design & Engineering

We are NERS accredited. This means we only use qualified electrical technicians, so you can be sure your electrical designs have been prepared in accordance with BS7671: 2018 Requirements for Electrical Installations and IET Wiring Regulations.

Solar PV & Battery Storage

Solar PV and battery storage may be an attractive option if you’re considering charge points at your workplace or car park locations. With a solar PV canopy or roof-mounted solar, the solar energy will be transferred to a storage system when your charge points aren’t in use.

ICP Contestable Works

Since electricity market privatisation and changes to competition rules, customers who want grid connections works can now have part of this work carried out by an ICP.

Whether you have an industrial, commercial or an energy generation scheme, Carbon Point Connections will provide a competitive grid connection offer, suited to you.

As an accredited ICP Carbon Point Connections can undertake the Contestable Works portion of the grid connection offer which can include, electrical design, cable laying & jointing, substation installation and civils works.

An essential part of all electrical power projects is the grid connection. We can provide early advice and undertake a grid assessment to ensure connection costs are minimised at the planning stage, and to ensure that any potential connection issues are highlighted.

Balance of Plant

The Balance of Plant (BoP) refers to the various additional electrical and mechanical equipment required to produce energy.

This includes inverters, transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, etc. while the primary power generating assets could be wind turbines, solar PV, CHP power generators, etc.

Private Connections

This involves connecting privately owned energy generation equipment to local energy grids and distribution networks to enable your organisation to operate independently of the grid supply in the event of a grid supply outage.

Full Turnkey Solution

From project idea to handover of a fully operational project we have the experience to manage the full turnkey solution. Whether a straightforward low voltage project or a complex high voltage distribution system, our turnkey packages can provide many benefits

Tertiary Connections

A tertiary connection involves connecting privately owned energy generation equipment directly to the National Grid transmission network at medium voltage to enable your organisation to have wider connection options in remote or over capacity areas of the DNO network, ideal for developers looking to connect up to 60MVA of load. Carbon Point Connections can build tertiary connection assets through a user self-build agreement with the National Grid.

Our tertiary connection services include:

  • Connections up to 57MW (60MVA) demand or generation capability
  • Direct tertiary connections to approximately 13kV where projects are located close to a National Grid substation
  • Our design and build capabilities include a transformer feeder bay from 13kV to 33kV on National Grid sites. Using 33kV means we use smaller equipment, reducing the cost and complexity of your connection.