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Solar PV

Solar panels are an excellent way to help the environment and reduce your energy costs. We are specialist installers of renewable technologies. Whether it’s roof, ground or solar carports, our MCS accredited installers can design and install a bespoke system to help you transition to net zero.

Carbon Point

Commercial Solar

Renewable energy technologies are at the centre of the global energy transition to net zero and critical to the decarbonisation of our energy ecosystem.

Due to rising energy costs solar PV is becoming a highly desirable energy source with particularly high returns from new innovative PV panel sizes and outputs. PV technology is one of the most popular decarbonisation solutions to date. UK businesses are now switching to solar to power their operations, reduce rising energy costs and build energy security resilience.

Carbon Point have delivered renewable energy solutions since 2010. Our solar installation experience in the commercial and industrial sector is extensive and covers large-scale roof- and ground-mounted solar arrays and solar carports. We have seen the industry develop as solar PV costs have fallen. Our consultative approach to solar offers you industry-leading advice, high-quality design, installation and maintenance services.

How commercial PV installation is beneficial to your business?

Most businesses use the majority of their electricity between 9 am to 5 pm, when the electricity generated is consumed on-site, it provides the most rapid payback. With rising energy costs, investing in a solar system makes more sense now than ever. It is a sound investment both for long- term savings and a quick payback.

A typical commercial solar system will provide free electricity for more than 25 years, achieve financial returns of up to 20% per annum and pay back installation costs within 5-7 years. The exact payback period depends on your energy consumption and spend; the amount of energy your solar PV system generates and cost of installation and method of financing chosen.

In fact, the cost of solar electricity is around 8p per kWh. This is well below the grid cost of electricity, which for most commercial customers, is between 14- 18p per kWh, and rising year-on-year currently at 28p per kWh for 2022. As energy costs rise the return on investment and payback get better. A typical commercial business will use 75% or more of what they generate and coupled with battery energy storage devices it can increase to 100% on-site usage.

A solar PV system provides key income/saving benefits:

  • Free electricity (an avoided energy cost)
  • Removes exposure to energy price volatility
  • Provides a low-risk investment offering good financial returns

Every watt of electricity you self-generate and use is one less you have to buy. The average peak electricity cost is currently 14- 18p per unit, and expected to rise further over the next few years to an average 30 per kWh.

Next steps towards commercial solar PV installation?

Renewable energy technologies are at the centre of the global energy transition to net zero and critical to the decarbonisation of our energy ecosystem.

Carbon Point are experienced commercial solar installers. Commercial PV installation is quite complex compared to residential solar systems. It needs a detailed structural assessment of the roof area, the system’s connection to the mains grid network, and a high-performance system tailored to your special requirements. Carbon Point have been involved in commercial solar since 2010 delivering roof- and ground-mounted installations. We have worked with leading FTSE-100 clients and accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering all phases of the installation process, with demonstrable financial, construction and legal capacity. We engineer cost-effective solutions to meet your projected needs and deadlines.

Benefits of commercial solar PV

Energy efficiency

  • On-site clean energy generation
  • Improve building’s energy efficiency
  • Designed for optimum output
  • Upgraded EPC certification
  • Requires minimal maintenance

Financial gains

  • Saving up to 50% on energy costs
  • Mitigate rising energy costs
  • Revenue from grid energy export
  • Healthy return on investment
  • Eligible asset for Annual Investment Allowance (AIA).


  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Clean, reliable energy source
  • Meet carbon reduction targets
  • Comply with ESOS scheme
  • Enhance sustainability credentials
  • Meet CSR/ESG and decarbonisation targets.

Carbon Point turnkey solar PV installation

Following our site assessment and feasibility study, our design and technical team will develop a design simulation on the best suited solar PV solution for your project requirements.

You’ll have a dedicated project manager who will coordinate the whole installation process, managing an installer team who will carry out all roofing, electrical work, system installation and commissioning.

We can manage all planning and grid connection permissions for you and ensure your renewable energy requirements are met. Once completed we will commission the system and set up any surplus energy export tariffs with your energy supplier. A comprehensive range of maintenance packages that include remote monitoring are also available.